Sarah Klein

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What do I do for fun? 


I am incredibly grateful for my various trips to Canada, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Italy, Greece, France, England, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Besides learning about other people, places, histories, and ways of life, traveling has also helped me learn how to find my local surroundings fascinating, too.  

Eat and Craft Desserts  

Every morning, I start my day drinking a smoothie and flipping through a beautifully photographed book called Home Baked Comfort. I go out of my way to discover the best dessert in town. Inventive flavor pairings are my kryptonite.  

Swimming and Pilates

My friends share one thing in common: the ability to make fun of the sounds I make while following along to free pilates videos on Youtube. 

Learn Languages

I currently speak and am learning Mandarin, Hebrew, Arabic, and Korean.